Welcome to our CHS Canteen Policies and Procedures Page

The CHS P&C Canteen Sub Committee is aiming to use this site to post a selection of Policy and Procedural documents... So that the school Community can be aware of our policies and to share with other canteens. Please note that a folder containing signed and dated policies is stored at the School Canteen.
(NB. This website is reliant on volunteers updating policies and thus may not be current or hold all policy documentation that have been generated. The school Canteen Policies and Procedures Folder will house the most up to date documentation)

CHS School Canteen - OH&S Policy

Policy & Procedures Regarding Food Allergy Risk Minimisation
First Aid Checklist
First Aid Checklist Proforma

Refrigerator- Freezer Temperature Checklist proforma

Wish Card Proforma - A list to track spending of Woolworth Wish Card

Documents Pertaining to Canteen Supervisor and Employment
Canteen Supervisor Working Conditions